Decline of the Potala Palace

The Potala has never been, with the changing of time and space, so colourful, so odd, and even helpless and sad, as it has been during this half century.

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Sands of time slipping from my grasp, / Pages of my life, melodies of my unsung past.

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Tibet Speaks

The dawn is here now / I foresee, a happy free Tibet / And our day will soon be here.

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Tibet at a Crossroads

Given that China is a totalitarian state, there is no way it can accept the Middle Way approach without itself first undergoing a major transformation.

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Bread and Freedom

Review of book KORA by Tenzin Tsundue

Our final kora will be complete when we return to a ’free’ homeland after years of roaming in foreign jungles. But to fulfil this ultimate journey, we need writers, activists, statesmen, thinkers and most of all bread-and-freedom poets to paint our reality as it is — so that when the kora is complete we can plan our future ’in our own words, in our own silence, and in our own wisdom.’

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Conflicts of Duality: Call of an Exile Poet

Review of book Conflicts of Duality by Bhuchung Sonam

Tempting as it is to quote and discuss more lines from this book, I would prefer the readers make their own judgement. But the temptation itself speaks to how profound an experience the read would be. For Tibetan readers, it will be like venturing into the familiar terrain as one after another recognisable characters/images pop up every now and then.

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A Path Home

What the Tibetans have presented to the world is the extraordinary idea of a whole nation, not just individuals, resisting violence and terror through love and compassion. It is not a new concept in itself, but it is the one that has faced the toughest test of all.

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Richard Gere is My Hero

Review of film Richard Gere is my Hero by Tashi Wangchuk

Review by Tashi Tenzin of the film Richard Gere is my Hero: The film’s richness in characterisation — some of the funniest characters like Love Guru, Acha BBC, Phuntsok Drunkard, and Cho Dargay can be compared to those of the best novels.

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Telling the Exile Tibetan Story Like It Is

Review of film Dreaming Lhasa by Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam

Review by Dechen Pemba of the film ‘Dreaming Lhasa’: For so many Tibetans born in exile, Tibet is significant as an absence, an omnipresent looming large all-encompassing void.

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Freedom Shower

Review of book Tomorrow & Other Poems by Lhasang Tsering

The issue of Tibet is a remnant of the Great Game. Only now the playing fields are a tiny town in northern India and the Great Hall of the People via Hong Kong.

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Secret Tibet

Dedicated to the imprisoned Tenzin Delek Rinpoche, Bangri Rinpoche and Lobsang Tenzin.

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Made in China

Review of book Buying the Dragon’s Teeth by Jamyang Norbu

Review of Jamyang Norbu’s ‘Buying the Dragon’s Teeth’ by Dr. Warren Smith: It is characterized by his usual superb writing style and should be read for its analysis of China’s human rights abuse alone.

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After the Dalai Lama

With so much energy and spirit, perhaps the Dalai Lama can begin to accomplish in life what many fear can happen only after his death.

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