Tiger of a Lamb

Tiger of a Lamb

Sometimes I see, I hear, I know
My country men laying their lives
For our common cause.
It shudders my entire soul
Like the pop corns in the oven
It touches me so strong that
Deep within me cries, “Rise Up!”

Sometimes I see, I hear, I know
My country men struggling their lives
For their private cause
It knocks out my entire limbs
Like the Popeye without spinach
It dismay me so strong that
Deep within me cries, “Leave it!”

Sometimes I see, I hear, I hear
My, your ageds counting their days
For their final Go
It wakes up my beaten soul
As if spring comes to wake up the plants
It energizes me so much that
Deep within me cries, “I Must!”

Am I am a drifter? Yes! I Was, I am
but will I be and will you be? Remember
A tiger and a lamb reside in every one
Only a driving force is needed
Is it not high time to wake up
The tiger within us before it extincts?

January 2007

Yours choking mother, TIBET

Beloved sons and daughters,
Grand sons and daughters
Come this mail to remind you Ooh..Uhh..
I remember and miss you all

My health is detrorating , Ohh..Uhh..
From the environment dilapidated
Tired and exhausted
Being sucked my best
By my invincible uninvited guest.

For 47 years
Have I been seeing my
Own kids suffering and dying silently
These UGs kill me softly
whatever I have,they snatched slyly

Oh! God!Why?
Is there a word “limit”?, I
And My kids suffer in
My own home! What an irony!

For how long!
For how long!
Do I have to suffer
For no fault of mine so far!

Well, How are my grand children
Hope they’ve not me,forgotten..
Let them not, not at all,
I see a beacon on them all,
Let them not be pampered too much,
For they may become weak couch
And I don’t want my kids
Weak and useless seeds!

Let each be a seasoned wood
Tough,talented,deligent and good.
Instill in them the will to
drink the entire ocean too.
Let each be a grand light,
showing others paths, right .
Let each be a doctor, dentist,
an architect,an engineer and a scientist,

For they are the future
For they are the builders
For they are the heirs
For they are the magic spell
To kick my uninvited guest completely,
Who have been killing me softly.

again and again,
Remind them my pain.
Let them not be lulled,
By the wind of change,
Let each be a mighty mount,
That resists in large amount.

In each there is a hearth
Before it goes out with earth,
Blow it for long,
Until it burns into strong
undying flame!
Till then, be united and
Ever willing to stand
And help one another, for
You all are made fine,
>From each blood of mine.
Let each’s cry be other’s cry,
Let each’s joy be other’s joy!

Lastly but not the least
Remember that your mom exists
and is still alive at last
See you soon and fast
Yours (coughs) choking mother, TIBET.


To us
What rain is
For the hungry plants
That can’t live without your presence!

The one
Who can free
Us once and for all
From ever exploiting Chinese!

The one
We have been
Waiting days and nights
To see our long ailing TIBET!

You are
You are none
Other than the one
Very holy word called FREEDOM!

Published May 2006


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