Jamyang Norbu

Tibet watchers know him as one of the most incisive and prolific commentators on the political scene, a writer with strong opinions but also the wide reading and intellectual depth to back them up, sometimes fiercely.
International Herald Tribune

Jamyang Norbu is the author of The Mandala of Sherlock Holmes which won the Crossword Book Award, India’s equivalent of the Booker Prize, and has been published in ten languages. He is also the author of Warriors of Tibet and Performing Traditions of Tibet. The latter reflects his work as the director of the Tibetan Institute of Performing Arts. He has also written a number of plays as well as a traditional Tibetan opera libretto. Norbu served as a director of the Tibetan Centre for Advanced Studies (the Amnye Machen Institute), which was twice awarded the Poul Lauretzen Freedom Prize of Denmark.

A collection of Norbu’s political essays have been published in a volume, Illusion and Reality. A second collection, Shadow Tibet, is to be released soon. He is also the author of Rangzen Charter: The Case for Independent Tibet. His most recent book, Buying the Dragon’s Teeth, deals with the darker side of China’s economic success. Norbu has written guest essays for Newsweek, op-eds for Canada’s Globe and Mail, reviews for the Japan Times, and others.

Norbu is a former member of the Tibetan resistance movement in Mustang on the Nepal-Tibet border. He currently lives in Tennessee, US, with his wife and two daughters.


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