A Soldier’s Heart

In a faraway land,
Like a bird betrayed of its nest.
But in the faraway sky,
I saw some familiarity unlike the rest.

“What brings you here?”, asked the sky.
To this land otherwise untouched by men.
“I am a soldier”, said I.
I fight a war while peace is what I really intend.

I live in fear not of the war,
Not of the future but of the past.
For every night that I sleep,
I fear it to be my last.

A hero in my land but despised in another,
A soldier’s irony, I feel, is so strange.
I fight to bring in smiles,
But tears still flow, only the eyes change.

My family, my home I miss so much.
Then why do I travel to this land so far?
Just for a few acres more?
When happiness is back home, why this war ?

Some say a soldier’s heart knows no emotions,
For, on a soldier depends a nation’s plight.
But everytime a nation is at war,
A soldier’s heart cries every night.


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