Blackneck Books

Blackneck Books - an imprint of TibetWrites publishers

Blackneck Books is an imprint of TibetWrites publishers. Books are sold through Amazon and other channels.

This page will soon have info and links for the publications of Blackneck Books. We are also working on having a sales outlet here on TibetWrites for e-books. For more about Blackneck Books please contact [email protected].

Among the important, meaningful things Bhuchung does is his work as co-publisher, with the illustrious Tenzin Tsundue, of TibetWrites and Blackneck Books. TibetWrites is the first real deal, independent, non-samizdat and non-government publisher of Tibetan poetry. There’s a raving poetry scene across the McMahon line (inasmuch as poetry scenes can rave) but poetry publishers in Tibet are either government presses or underground presses. As such, TibetWrites (and its imprint Blackneck) is the first independent Tibetan poetry press in history. Since its inception, TibetWrites with Blackneck has done remarkable work finding and promoting new Tibetan writing.
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