Tibet Speaks

Tibet Speaks

The dawn is here now
I foresee, a happy free Tibet
And our day will soon be here.

In the pages of the past,
And the period long long time ago,
When the world was wide,

When the life was sacred
A story of a nation lied.

Sometimes the story too deep
At times the end too soon.
Free from doubts and debts
Things so pure and virtuous.
Did the nation survived?

The nation saw the roaring attack,
Bloody days filled our dreams,
Innocent lives lost for nothing.
A horror of thoughts that are real.
A dismay too sad to discuss.

Yes! TIBET my country.
Imperilled by the Chinese invasion,

Endless bloodsheds on the holy land,
Death and darkness swathe my home,
Sees no fun and future.

But a day may yet come
When China crouches and leaps no more
As the world listens and stand by us.
The mighty perish in their might someday
Then shall TIBET will breathe free air.


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