Sands of time slipping from my grasp,
Pages of my life, melodies of my unsung past.

Moments that touched my heart,
Beyond the highest skies, I soar.
Feelings that came and went,
Emotions so beautiful, I remember no more.

The tingling feel of grass,
On my face, for the last time.
And for the last time, I saw
The dance of nature in perfect rhyme.

The rainbow on the crimson horizon,
The sky, the earth and their magical kiss.
The changing seasons, the friendship deals,
The glory of life, I will always miss.

“You are going to heaven”,
Says the priest beside me.
But “I am leaving a heaven behind”,
Said I, from what I see.

Foolish that I was,
Always living for tommorrow.
Now, on my death bed,
Looking for some time, I could borrow.


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