Largesse of Lies

Chinese propaganda would be a truly frightening thing if it achieved the level of success that the government hopes or believes that it does.

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Games People Play

You might also ask how can denying China the right to host the Olympics for the second time help bring China in the global family?

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The Prisoner

Review of book A Tibetan Revolutionary by Melvyn Goldstein

What is clear is that Phunwang was the victim of a revolution betrayed. This excellent, detailed account of his life will help future generations to decide for themselves whether he was indeed a good guy or not.

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Language, Literature and Representation in Tibet

Review of article “Language, Literature and Representation in Tibet” by Tsering Shakya

There are two very important features to this collection of stories, which both has literary interest and signifies the shifting terrain of Chinese rule in Tibet.

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A step in the “Write” direction!

Review of book Anything for Tibet, My Beloved Country by Thupten N Chakrishar

A first fictional novel in English by a Tibetan in exile; a first literary output of its nature by a Tibetan student in exile.

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The Incredible Weariness of Hope

Review of book Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of a Lost Land. by Patrick French

Tibet, Tibet. The title of Patrick French’s latest book intrigued me. Vaguely suggestive of a biblical lament, it also hinted at a kind of patient reproach, of the sort that Sir Isaac Newton is said to have dished out to his pet dog after it knocked over a candle and set fire to his research papers.

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The Forgotten Anniversary

This piece was written to remind Tibetans of the forgotten anniversary of our national revolution. All Tibetans need to be reminded of this, especially those who made it into exile.

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Silent Struggle

A short biography of Lhamo Tsering, Tibetan resistance leader, chief liaison officer between the CIA and the rebel forces, and Minister for Security at CTA.

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