The Grasslands – a film by Pema Tseden

Review of film The Grasslands by Pema Tseden

After I watched the film, I felt that the film was not about Aku Tsendruk and Ama Tsomo, nor about the other people in the film, so much as it is about a way of life

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New Man Same Chair

The fundamental question that Beijing fails to understand is that negotiation — and not suppression — will solve the issue of Tibet.

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Poem by Chabdrak Phonya: Recite one Mani / Recite ten Mani / Recite one hundred, one thousand Mani

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Struggle, Struggle

Review of book Free Tibet by Pramod Wadnerkar

Wadnerkar should be given a round of applause for his keen observations and grasp of not only of the knotty Tibetan political issue involving various players, but also of the intricate methods that Beijing practices to banish Tibet and Tibetans into forgotten memories.

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The Traitor

Ngabo Ngawang Jigme — Smiley! / You were nothing / but a bundle of intrigue / Pregnant with malice / and bent on betrayal

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Yak Horns and Yellow Stars

Review of book Like Gold that Fears No Fire: New Writing From Tibet by International Campaign for Tibet

A thoroughly inspiring compilation of current writing by Tibetans. It comes at the right time with the right message.

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I Will Not Die

The bright yellow sun has / Set behind the Freedom Hill / Now I cannot put my faith in / This dark and violent storm

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Who are the real separatists?

Tibetan and Chinese people have a long tradition of helping each other and have deep mutual respect and admiration. However, the portrayal of Tibetans in Chinese official media this year has left an image of Tibetans as enemies.

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We as citizens of Tibet living in the free world must be more responsible and not always take for granted the benefits of being Tibetans or being the people of the Dalai Lama.

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