The Depraved Era (1959-1969)


Life threatened
By the devils hand

Falsities spoken
Flowers turned
To weapons

As it was

Emotions rocked
Back and forth
Up and down

Homes were desolated
Battles reigned

Life now a living hell
Where Angels, doves, Arhat
Became dishonored

Crimes portrayed to be true
Threatened the innocent
No place on earth
Could be worse
Than home

Still the desire
To go home


I remember
As I feel isolated from Tibet
The conquests that were made in fury
When roads were battered
Into darkness

I remember
This horrific


With the passing years
Houses have been mended
Yet, the scent of intense gunpowder
Runs in rivers through my veins

Daylight was turned to dusk
And lives were destroyed, great suffering
One wall was left standing of my home
Lonely, it was, no longer whole

Buddha, ravaged at the alter
Broken in pieces on the ground
Intended to tear at my faith
Yet, dedication and prayerfulness
Was not destroyed in the heart of me
Buddha lives
I shall survive

My father
Close to my memory
Brave with integrity, fearless in death
Love of his country foremost

In the end
Land was raped
Into silence

Now, another dawning has arrived
Feeling anew, my spirit lives
Through the intensity
Of this lucid dream


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