To You from Exile

Hello! And greetings,
Is this just enough
Or are there more words
That you can accept
Without facing a public trail?
Can I send you love
Or more bread to eat?
Whichever way
I think it’s the same.

Since no cranes are left
I can only send my
Message with the winds;
That they don’t deprive you
of that too.

I only knew you and mum
Since the age of four,
No names; no photographs;
Just you and her.
And me, I don’t think
You remember at all,
You don’t let it bother you.
Your tears are precious fluids
They are dear to you;
They keep you going
from day to day
Not aimless but
with a passion.

I wish I could hear
Just one note of
Your mellow voice
Recorded on a tape;
Just a single note –
Even though the atom is split
And the moon is conquered
My wish remains
A far fetched fairy-tale.

Are you warm and are you happy?
No, I don’t think so,
But all the same
Your answer must be ’YES’
Do they take you out
To a theatre or a show?
And can you pray
Very earnestly
Like you used to?
Even then the answer
Must be a ’YES’.

Although I dream
You are still alive
And sincerely believe it;
But at times
I begin to doubt.
Even if you are dead
I suppose your answer
Will be a ’YES’.

I can keep on writing more;
Even more than all the books
But of what use will they be,
Since you are no nearer
To me than the stars.
Yet I have hope that
No man can dim;
To see you and mum
Free at last.
To you I write from exile
To you my hope and faith
To you —


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