Romancing the Night

Yet another day passes, Yet another day sleeps,
Enter the world of dreams, bringing love in heaps.

Yet another face, yet another fantasy,
A passionate storm riding high over me.

Wild it was, yet a beautiful sight,
A lonely heart romancing the night.

Part of me thinks, it is deep down insane,
But another part wishes for that night again.

Sleeping away the night in wait, anticipating the hidden..
Craving for that passion like a fruit that is forbidden.

The eveing passed in foreplays, and I flirted the twilight away..
When night finally mouted on me, there was little left to say.

Some may think I m paranoid, some may not feel it right.
But I don’t blame u and I don’t have time for a fight.

For this night stands only for a while until daylight,
So, lets just leave alone my heart romancing the night.


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