Just You and Me

Just you and me and the starlit skies
Linked in silver chains and crowned with glory

Dancing among warm breezes on summer nights
Softly stealing the glistening moonlight
And whispering secret thoughts
That lie beneath our magical minds

My lady fair! My love sweet!
If it were just you and me
How blessed and happy we would be
Entwined in ambrosial harmony and destined to share
Nature’s wondrous gift and God’s eternal embrace

But just you and me is not to be
From under dark skies and stormy nights
Creep jaded legacies and cried tears
That gawk endlessly with orb-less eyes
Through the indistinguishable light of day
With wicked tongues cocked to pierce our dream

My lady fair! My love sweet!
Whisper gently goodbye to our delirious union
Cry not desolate tears of despair
But sing of silvery chains and crowns of glory
That some day will bring just you and me together again


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