Gendun Choephel Wailing from Nangtse Shar Prison

Loose… gone down
Crack… pulled out
Madness… forced upon me
I am a jelly fish
But I couldn’t slip through them
I am the precious one

But I have no strength to stand
Nor will to go forward
I am a dead fish
No motion any where
I am an anti-anti
My worth worthless
I am the only kind
I am sequestered
I am a white-crow

They see me black
Black as their eye-balls
I am a black-sheep
But I gave White Annals
I am a rare kind
I am a wild flower
Tamed but untamed
I am lucky
Dying in Potala Palace

Grown old before time
Strength undiscovered
I am dying growing
Take care of my books – They are all I have …


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