Rubbing against stones and the cracks,
I stumbled inside a black hole,
The darkness aside, I fell deep
into a lonely pit so cold

The mist in the pit scared me,
the frogs leapt into my breast,
I screamed and another one joined
and another one, until I camouflaged

A breast full of frogs, I leaped
from here till the end of the circle,
and round and round and round,
till I juggled more

A tangling rope fell on my neck,
so slippery, so thick like skin Iā€™d say

And frog number one from my breast
is hanging in the air,
the tangling rope had its prey

I sat on the floor with a heavy breast,
the frogs jump in and out,
I cried and fought until I knew,
that the only way out was to camouflage


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