To D.G.

Dear Dondrup Gyal
Do you hear me?

There are these who say
You are a hero of our nation.
There are these who say
You are a disgrace to our ancestors.
There are these who say
You were a victim of our society.

I said
You are yourself,
A fire which burned within the ice
You have never raised your head in arrogance
But shed a pool of tears for our people.
You would disagree with this.
This is your character.

You understood that the snow mountains are white,
You knew that the sky belongs to birds.
Therefore you never grew despondent.
Despite the tears of compassion you wept.

You arrived here as ordinary life,
From a remote and distant place.

And now a smile spreads across your face.
For now you have departed for
Another remote and distant place.


Written for the tenth anniversary of the death of Dhondup Gyal (1953-1985). Before he took his own life he wrote these words:

“I hope you will understand my reason for departing this life … The sole purpose of my writings has been to awaken the Tibetan people from mental slumber, but I have failed. So I have given my life for the Tibetan people.”


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There is one comment for “To D.G.”

  1. The enemy from the East came and destroyed our beloved Phayul
    We are silent,
    Our beloved leader has been ejected into foreign lands
    We are silent
    Our Buddhist culture, religion, our language and literature
    disfigured beyond recognition
    We are silent
    Our Gangchen Jung’s treasures being emptied
    We are silent
    Our brothers and sisters in Tibet gagged
    imprisoned and killed in silence
    We are silent
    So silent, that Dhundup Gyal had to awake us with his life
    And I am saddened by our silence!

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