The Traitor

You were nothing
but a bundle of intrigue
Pregnant with malice
and bent on betrayal
You welcomed the encroaching panda
and stabbed your snow lion in the back
You turned the fine yak’s wool
into a chintzy Mao suit
and donned it
to please the enemy, your benefactors
You wore a mask of loyalty
over a face of deceit
You spoke of loyalty
but from the adversary collected royalty
You bowed to the foe
with your ass to your flag
With a forged seal and a stroke of the enemy’s pen
you relinquished our freedom
whilst mendaciously making the people believe
they would be free to do what they will
Deviously and intentionally
you behaved schizophrenically
You lived long enough
to suffer the guilt of your treason
But even in death
you cheat the Government you betrayed

As Buddhists with virtue
we forgive you
As humans with memory
we will not forget


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