Short Ones


Grow up to the sky, in distant sea level,
Around the natural tower, we travel
And we climb on the pillar of life.

Tsang Po

Yarlung, with historical cradle I learn
Mother’s sweat, never more to earn.

Lamo Latso

Your love and compassion touches one world,
Kundun, Global spirit, shone in my mind.


That’s ruinous wall, between war and peace,
Between Maoism and Lamaism, go to pieces,
Out of the mind, a desolated place.


Let well enough alone, for a forbidden landscape,
Over Red Star, you do not escape.

A silent river

Flow Gangs chu! A silent river,
Over flows the rock,
Into the air, blow up one’s luck.


Cell soul drifts through dark night,
Let’s retreat in hell, without love

Of other sight.


A short breathe, in strange places with darkness
Of life, sooner or later, I’ll return your love ness.


Half-man so bluntly walks on stone,
And dare not call one’s own name,
In loaned house, to give a less intense tone,
So that he dreams to go home.

Happy beggar

I’m able to ask what I need,
But I’m unable to say what I lead,
By my heart, foot and hand.


A far home, and loneliness is the best.
Yonder soul, if he goes, at his fast.

He and Poet

He is broken heart, and live with pride
Of poet, in his broken language,
And if the will so true, to make grade
Of achieve that will for age.


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