Run, Run, The Ones Who Run

Run, [1] Run, The Ones Who Run [2]

Run from God’s Earth [3]

Away from the Great Blackness [4]

Which blankets your country with darkness

To the Great Whiteness [5]

Which accepts you with compassion

And return to God’s Earth

After you have wiped the Great Blackness

From the face of your beloved country


  • [1] The Tibetan word for “run” is “Bod“, meaning ’’Tibet” or “run”.
  • [2] The Tibetan word for “The Ones Who Run” is “Bod-pa tso“, meaning “Tibetans”.
  • [3] The Tibetan word for “God’s Earth” is “Lhasa“, the capital of Tibet.
  • [4] The Tibetan word for “Great Blackness” is “Gya-nag“, which also stands for “China”.
  • [5] The Tibetan word for “Great Whiteness” is “Gya-kar“, which also stands for “India”.


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