Of Exile and Refuge

The lonely heart is a ship
sailing in the starless
stormy night

Groping without guidance in
the gushing wind
floating to and fro
knocking its head
breaking its soul
into a thousand
crying pieces.

Who knows what symphony
the maestro has
in store for the solitary
ship sailing in the stormy
sea of life?

Who knows what sunshine
the spring has in its fold for the
soul yearning for its shore
and share of the spring songs?

Who when asleep would dream of
the warmth of his beloved but
he who has lost his when awake?

What the crowd
and the rush
the screams and the songs,
the gazing eyes and
the frozen smiles
mean escapes him.

Returning to his room
in the starless night
he has a thousand living
memories breeding with the
sad sound of exile and refuge …


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