Ode to Yak

Ode to Yak

A grudging gush grew from the east
Grey grasses nomads endured the worst
But another summer rises
A tense of another green grasses

Yield yaks not your strength is our spirit
And majestic figure the valour kept

Yawn yaks not thy horns are our awake
A band of your tails like we walk

Youth of today takes your patience
Purpose? You are on untiring race
To strive, not ebb and tire
Yours is youth’s fire

Still, the warrin’ gush gallop’d from east

Wolf on the grapes but our spirit not died

Innocent Child

I was confused
Confused and confused
Grandfather said

“They will kill you”
But I saw no one around
To and foe, up and down
Only grandfather and I
In our home
No one else
But, “they will incarcerate you”
He repeated, red face

I was not told
Maybe I was child
But, nothing and nothing it was
I found a scraped paper
“Free Tibet” in red ink
I love Tibet
In heart pocket
I put and he found
In the home

But, I didn’t see
A man around

Our Guest

Door knocked
With teeth sought
“A lodge, lodge”

A poor traveler, asked
With scarf mother invited

“Door banged”
Chuckled and said
“My room”
Brazen traveler
In shrug, mother was in vain

“Door broke”
In anger, grabbed the key
“My home” said
Beggar disguised owner,
In refuge mother exiled

If I were

If I were wind I will wing as I will with
Heavenly soar to emulate an Engle
The king of bird in the cloud nine
With his freedom and fly to hover as he likes

If I were wind I will breeze as I like

To peek jumping fishes in the blue lake
Moving in freed wall water as they like
With their unrestrained twist in free lake

If I were wind I will dissect in the wilderness
To see the king lion to learn this impulsive act
A stately gait and lacking adversaries
Roaring to bear out his self-will

If I were wind I will fly as I like
To the snow lion in the Higher Himalaya
To learn his unseen and regal being
Away form bite and spit of society

If I were wind I will walk as wanderer
On the gifted grasses galloping in gay
In delight deer dears the nature, I like deer

In the wild pasture of liberation


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There are 3 comments for “Ode to Yak”

  1. yes, if only you were a bird could you do the undo things…. if only you were a bird………… but alas !!!! you are not !!!!

    1. May be, too late for response, then, saying waves, “better late than never”, so i would like to thanx ur comment.

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