Recite one Mani
Recite ten Mani
Recite one hundred, one thousand Mani
Pray ! Ten thousand, one hundred thousand Mani !
Countless are the spirits of those who have died
Endless the warm spilt blood, the flowing river.
Thus with each and every Mani
Shall come immeasurable grief and compassion
Love, affection and untainted prayer.


Light one splendid butter lamp
Light ten splendid butter lamps
One hundred, one thousand splendid butter lamps
Give the light of ten thousand, one hundred thousand superb butter lamps !
How long and obscure the darkness into which we have fallen
How cruel the invasive violence of the lashing rainy wind.
Thus with each of your splendid butter lamps
Shall come a sacred image of truth and peace
A great warm cup of freedom and democracy !


Give a handshake
Give ten handshakes
One hundred, one thousand handshakes
Ten thousand, one hundred thousand handshakes, with one mind !
Abandoning our land we wander the ends of the earth
Tibetans and Chinese, let us join in an oath of friendship !
Thus with each and every handshake
Shall come true friendship and harmony
Confidence and sincerity.


Oh ! Brothers and sisters ! Companions !
Recite one Mani
Light one splendid butter lamp
Give a handshake
These are not small helpful gestures !
Ah ! The trembling song of love of each Mani
The flickering light of each butter lamp
The pulsating warmth of each handshake
These are not small victories !

Translated from the Tibetan original.


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