We should celebrate Losar
Some say …
To open a new chapter
Be Tibetan,
Dress Tibetan
Eat Tibetan
Speak Tibetan
To hold our heads high
Walk a new path, mindful of the past.

We should not celebrate Losar
Others say …
To respect the dead and the jailed
Be Tibetan,
Recite mani
Pray for all
Knead your rosary
Remember that
Our brothers and sisters are suffering.

To celebrate or not to celebrate
The essence is in the difference.

Losar is a good way to assert
Ourselves as a people
Because it’s Tibetan
Not just to have fun and joy …
But to state —
I am a Tibetan
I love Tibet.
I live under occupation
But I refuse to surrender.
I am a refugee
But I am not depressed.
I have a culture
It is called Tibet
I have name
It is called Tibet
I have a future
It is called Tibet

I am a Tibetan
I want a new chapter

Losar - because I am Tibetan


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There are 4 comments for “Losar”

  1. This poem was eloquently written, I love the positive energy that it reflects. Each Tibetan makes a difference in his or her chapter on life. Always stand up for what you believe in as long as one does not get physically hurt. It is very important to be mindful of what one does in the here and now moment. Being able to be aware in the present moment is what really matters. This will help Tibet be free, leaving communication open.

  2. Beautiful … but can you elaborate more on “To celebrate or not to celebrate / The essence is in the difference.”

    Thank you, once again poem is beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful way to express your integrity! You are Tibet and you are proud. Good for you for being strong-willed and true. Best wishes to you!

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