I Pray

I cry, in sorrow,
For those who
Would give up the light
That lights the way
To a glorious independent day

I weep, in shame,
As we like sheep
Now cower before Chinese hordes
And beg them to grant us
Autonomy instead of independence

I wreathe, in pain,
For the pain my countrymen suffer
Under the torturous hands
Of the Evil Occupier
Whose only occupation is to occupy

I bleed, in pride,
For my country
That has withstood
The ravages of occupation
And the famine of independence

I sing, in praise,
Of our people
Who shed their blood for our country
In the hope that their sacrifice
Would not be in vain

I pray, in unison,
With our people
For the day when we will
Sing and dance, sleep and awake
In a land we can call our own


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