I am

I am what I am
One for all
All for none,
An empty crevice

A full stomach,
Oft fool, seldom wise,
A child in a man’s shoe
Geared to walk on a stony path,
Craves to crush those dried leaves
Turns on when a dg barks,
Snores hard on a soporific talk,
I once owned a pea-shooter
Now a pen that writes —

’I abhor the new moon night
Darkness invokes dreams abase,
Drunken man, jumping snakes,
Crooning jackals and shattered sleep.
Yet on the full moon night
I sleep to dream…
Green for leaves
Blue for oceans
White for snows,

And when the morn arrives
I awake
A child in man’s shoe
I am what I am.


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  1. hi sonamla – i really appreciate your poem. it touches my heart deeply and feel close to it as it somehow reminds me of my parents and their stories of hardships in Tibet. I also must point out what beautiful imagery you’ve managed to use! the line “yet on the full moon night I sleep to dream …” is oh-so-beautiful — simply magical!
    There is one thing though I’d like to ask- what is a pea-shooter?

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