I am a Dog

I am a dog
A Tibetan dog from Kyegu
A few days before the earth shook
And the mountains rumbled
sky darkened
storm thundered
dust rained.
In the night when all were asleep
I saw them on the march
Deities, gods, goddesses, angels and the spirits
They quietly left our town
Tails firmly tucked between their legs.

I am a dog
A Tibetan dog from Kyegu
In the night I howled
Peals of warnings
Up the streets
Down the streets
In Gesar Square
And that Chinese policeman
Chased me with his baton
Bi Zui! Si Gou![1] he shouted.
I wasn’t scared of his black baton
I was terrified of the earth
She was angry
They drill into her bowels
With iron hands and chemical dusts.

I am a dog
A Tibetan dog from Kyegu
The day before the earth shook
I howled the loudest
Up the streets
Down the streets
My throat went dry —
That Chinese policeman saw me again
Wo Be Le Ni![2] he shouted
And reached for his gun.
I didn’t want to die
So I fled up into the barren hills.
There were no foxes, rabbits, deer, marmots
Only vultures hovered on the cliffs.

I am a dog
A Tibetan dog from Kyegu
After the dust settled down
I came back home
To the streets
To Gesar Square
To rubbles and sobs.
Kyegu is full of red flags now
A Chinese soldier with an oxygen bag
Gave me a bowl of rice pudding
I sniffed at the repulsive sludge
And howled loud and clear.

‘I am a dog
A Tibetan dog from Kyegu
I love yak bones.’

Stray dog on a hill in Tibet


  • [1] ’Shut up! Stray dog!’
  • [2] ’I will shoot you!’


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There are 3 comments for “I am a Dog”

  1. I am a yak
    A Tibetan yak
    Who regrets not
    To give you my bone
    As you so loyal
    Who kept me safe
    From those greedy boots!

  2. I am a god
    Mocked in name
    I fear no death
    I am the rain
    not the evil ye create
    but thy sorrow and twisted fate
    My mother shook
    and purified her lands
    they said it couldn’t be done
    but I was reborn among the sands
    and time; a hoax, charade, no not tonight
    This dog, this slave, has got her sight
    Beware ye of little faith
    religion doth bring
    the end of freedom
    the end of the soul that sings.

    Ta(i) Po-tst
    The rose.

    (The devil sees through all tricks)

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