Forget Him Not

Forget him not
A little creature
Caged within his prison
The cage no longer bright has dulled
And the heart of torture rears its ugly head
A cloudy residue of sand cannot help but be felt
Flying into each person grain by grain, untempered
Hysteria enters the psyche, becoming an uncomfortable

Forget him not
A little crime
The caged bird, sits in a darkened house
Sad songs can only be uttered in broken patterns
Threatening fears cause the vocal chords to quiver
Songs that live in this house live
In vain

Forget him not
This little bird
Captured in human slavery
Soul restrained, frozen in time
Cruelty from wrong thinking sheds no light
Craves for freedom from this nest run ramped
Thrusting for a world unbound from the ties of control
Where songs can be sung and where songs can be heard
Sweet songs

Forget him not
A little animal
The caged deer, killed and skinned to the bone
This torturous environment sends daggers into the mind
And the love of the sun


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