Darkness descends
From the sky
Ere sunset
And wraps Barkhor…

Machine guns
Like thunders echo
bodies scatter
Souls shatter
On the narrow path of Barkhor

The broken Prayer-wheel
still turns
In the hand of an old mother
Who murmurs
The last breath of life.

The devilish bullets
Pierce the hearts
of men, women and children
Around the Barkhor
In the dusk of the bloody day
Arise voices … of freedom
bare hands against the machine guns.

From that day
Fathers detained
Incarcerated in cells
Mother driven beyond sanity
Little homes broken apart
orphaned children beg
In the streets of Barkhor

Behold the holy city
The hell unleashed upon
Darkness descend
From the sky
ere the sunset
And shrouds Barkhor
in an envelope of misery.


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