Tsering Dolkar

Tsering Dolkar was born in Tibet. In exile, she studied at the Tibetan Children’s Village School. Tsering has now settled in Canada and writes in her popular blog Drugmo.wordpress.com

Tsering Dolkar on TibetWrites

Poetry [3]

  • Fated? You asked me if
    I still love to write
    I said, yes I do.
    4 November 2008
  • The other … Buddha lies hidden under a silk scarf
    Tucked in a drawer at home in Lhasa
    4 February 2010
  • The Song of a Woman Living with my lipstick and this black kohl liner
    One hundred and eight images portrayed in a lone mirror
    26 December 2007/span>
  • Tibetan Nights The only thing that breathes is the sound of engine
    Relentless in its climb against the steep rugged pass
    16 July 2020
  • Waterfall: An Epilogue For you who wrote about the promise of waterfall
    Who freed my spirit with the force of language
    16 July 2020

Articles [1]

  • Tibetan Women For a while now, I have thought about creating a blog focusing on Tibetan women’s issues. In general, women’s rights are important because of the patriarchal nature of societies, 20 February 2010


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