Tenzing Rigdol

Tenzing Rigdol Tenzing Rigdol was born in Kathmandu, Nepal in 1982. Rigdol graduated from the University of Colorado, Denver, U.S., with B.F.A in painting and drawing and B.A. in art history. Currently he is pursuing Masters degree in Philosophy at the University of Colorado at Denver, U.S. In Nepal he studied Tibetan Thangkha painting, sand painting, butter sculpture, and Buddhist philosophy at the Shakar Choten monastery.

Rigdol is best known for his installation in Dharamshala which consists of 20,000 kg of Tibetan soil from Shigatse. He is chiefly known for his contemporary pieces, although he is also trained in the ancient art of thangka.

Presently, Rigdol is working on a project called fusion art. The work depicts and comments on the idea of wholeness and completeness. The underlying principle of fusion art is triggered by the endless human conflicts and struggles which are arguably due to the lack of understanding and participation towards the idea of oneness. His works incorporate mythical emblems and symbols, and along with that they encompass contemporary objects, yet leaving the subjects as universal as possible.

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