Losang C. Rabgey

Losang C. Rabgey is a Ph.D. candidate at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, England, where she specializes in gender anthropology and the Tibetan diaspora. Her fieldwork has focused on oral life histories of Tibetan women in India and the West.

After her parents fled Tibet in 1959, Losang was born in a refugee settlement in northern India. Her family soon emigrated to Canada and, by the late 1970s, founded the Potala Tibetan Performance Arts group. In 1987, Losang travelled with her family to Tibet and her father’s village in Kham.

Losang C. Rabgey on TibetWrites

Articles [1]

  • Rethinking Tibetan Identity What can we offer and what can we do for our sisters and brothers in Tibet? What can we do for our sisters and brothers in this shrinking global village? 27 December 2007


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