It’s not the economy, stupid!

There is considerable disagreement about what exactly happened in Lhasa on March 14th [2008] — and why. But I think everyone is agreed on this one fact: That the only accredited foreign journalist in Lhasa when the uprising began was James Miles of the Economist. In an interview with CNN, Miles described the very deliberate manner in which the protesters went about doing what they did. “They marked those businesses that they knew to be Tibetan owned with white traditional scarves. Those businesses were left intact. Almost every single other across a wide swathe of the city, not only in the old Tibetan quarter, but also beyond it in areas dominated by the ethnic Han Chinese. Almost every other business was either burned, looted, destroyed, smashed into, the property therein hauled out into the streets, piled up, burned.” Note the last line … “the property therein hauled out into the streets, piled up, burned.

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