Woeser warning her correspondents on Skype

Text of Woeser’s statement

Dear friends, in order to spy on me and others on my Skype contact list, someone has for a while on Skype claimed that he or she is an overseas Tibetan, an officer from the Tibetan government-in-exile, or having secrets to pass on, etc. It looks that he or she has stolen the list of my Skype contacts. Yet, after I posted a warning to inform my contacts of such a development, someone hijacked my account around 10 pm on May 27th. My password has been changed and I can no longer log in. As far as I can tell, the hijacker has begun to make contact with people in my account. This places me and my contacts in an extremely dangerous situation. Therefore, I am sending the strongest warning. Please stop any communication with “Degewa” on Skype, delete or lock out this user’s name from your Skype account, warn anyone you know who might try to contact me through Skype, tell them to cease contact with “Degewa”.

From now on, if you receive any Skype message from “me” in any other user’s name, please speak first (Tibetan friends, please speak in Tibetan) to verify “my identity”. If the other side of the contact refuses to talk, it means you are not in touch with me.

Also, I suggest you and other friends to avoid this kind of trap by talking, rather than writing, via Skype.

Early morning in Beijing
May 28th 2008


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