Two new films: Old Dog and The Sun-Beaten Path

Review of film Old Dog, The Sun-Beaten Path by Pema Tseden , Sonthar Gyal

The two films tell stories of everyday existence which are distinctively Tibetan stories, but which at the same time address universal themes of struggle and redemption without sentimentality or romanticization.

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The Grasslands – a film by Pema Tseden

Review of film The Grasslands by Pema Tseden

After I watched the film, I felt that the film was not about Aku Tsendruk and Ama Tsomo, nor about the other people in the film, so much as it is about a way of life

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A Diamond in the Dust

Review of film Acho Namgyal: Shey Kyi Jinpa by Sonam Tashi and Eric Henningsen

Shey Kyi Jinpa constitutes both a timely and, hopefully, restorative vehicle – offering the possibility of a renaissance of interest in Nangma, and the birth of a new generation of Tibetan musicians.

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Tibet does not exist, Tibet does exist

When I googled “Dreaming Lhasa” in Chinese, most entries were advertisements for a trip called “Dreaming Lhasa” sponsored by travel agencies all over China.

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Yak Ride to Bike Ride

Review of film Tsampa to Pizza by Sonam Tsetan

Tsampa to Pizza is a Tibetan-oriented film and needs to be watched by all of our people, especially the old and doubtful ones.

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Telling the Exile Tibetan Story Like It Is

Review of film Dreaming Lhasa by Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam

Review by Dechen Pemba of the film ‘Dreaming Lhasa’: For so many Tibetans born in exile, Tibet is significant as an absence, an omnipresent looming large all-encompassing void.

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