Tashibod lives in China and writes in Chinese. Tashibod on Tashibod on TibetWrites Articles [1] Diary by Tashibod: A glimpse into life in a remote Tibetan area as the Olympics were being celebrated in Beijing. 7 September 2008

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Memories of Lhasa

I miss Lhasa where / The undulating valleys and wide open plains / Are bedecked with a garland of green meadows and trees,

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The Grasslands – a film by Pema Tseden

Review of film The Grasslands by Pema Tseden

After I watched the film, I felt that the film was not about Aku Tsendruk and Ama Tsomo, nor about the other people in the film, so much as it is about a way of life

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Tashi Palden

Tashi Palden on TibetWrites Stories [1] He was driving in front of him an ox and a donkey laden with manure. With a bag full of droppings on his shoulder he was hurrying along the winding, rugged and rough mountain path towards the little village on the hill. 8 January 2008

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Your Birthday

Each man was wearing a tall hat made from paper, and a square plank hung on his chest from the neck. On the plank were each man’s crime and a red cross. One of the men was your father.

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A step in the “Write” direction!

Review of book Anything for Tibet, My Beloved Country by Thupten N Chakrishar

A first fictional novel in English by a Tibetan in exile; a first literary output of its nature by a Tibetan student in exile.

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The Wish

There is no time to waste on you / You’re just a wretched peasant

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I am Pregnant

An image of my children finishing school and reading colourful books, just like the young man, with such glasses on, while they come home waiting for jobs.

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Winds of Change

Review of book Winds of Change - An Autobiography of a Tibetan by Tsoltim N Shakabpa

Review by Jeffrey Bowe of Winds of Change – An Autobiography of a Tibetan, by Tsoltim Ngima Shakabpa. Provides a close and revealing insight into those forces which have crafted this biographical voyage from a carefree and privileged childhood in independent Tibet.

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