An American buddy of mine, / Journeyed to the Land of Snow. / He drank a mouthful of melted snow

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I’m Tired

I am tired, / I am tired doing that 10th March ritual, screaming from the hills of Dharamsala.

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Exile House

Our tiled roof dripped / and the four walls threatened to fall apart / but we were to go home soon,

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Fresh Winds

Give us the chance to pursue / our search for our / shores and shapes.

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Bread and Freedom

Review of book KORA by Tenzin Tsundue

Our final kora will be complete when we return to a ’free’ homeland after years of roaming in foreign jungles. But to fulfil this ultimate journey, we need writers, activists, statesmen, thinkers and most of all bread-and-freedom poets to paint our reality as it is — so that when the kora is complete we can plan our future ’in our own words, in our own silence, and in our own wisdom.’

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Richard Gere is My Hero

Review of film Richard Gere is my Hero by Tashi Wangchuk

Review by Tashi Tenzin of the film Richard Gere is my Hero: The film’s richness in characterisation — some of the funniest characters like Love Guru, Acha BBC, Phuntsok Drunkard, and Cho Dargay can be compared to those of the best novels.

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Green is In… Red is Out

Review of book Tibetan Medical Dietary Book (Vol. 1) by Dr. Yangbum Gyal

The essence of this book lies in its relevance in everyday life — making the ancient wisdom available to the modern world. Every housewife and househusband should have this book on their kitchen shelf so that they know exactly what balanced vegetable dishes to prepare for their loved ones.

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Telling the Exile Tibetan Story Like It Is

Review of film Dreaming Lhasa by Ritu Sarin and Tenzing Sonam

Review by Dechen Pemba of the film ‘Dreaming Lhasa’: For so many Tibetans born in exile, Tibet is significant as an absence, an omnipresent looming large all-encompassing void.

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