The Moral Defence Rests

For India to keep Arunachal, based on the McMahon Line, the only choice is to recognise Tibet’s independence. It cannot legitimise the McMahon Line border otherwise.

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The Bounty March

The Tibetan activist outlines his people’s crucial history of hope in the half century since the March Uprising.

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Dreams of the educated-dispossessed

Review of book Falling through the Roof by Thubten Samphel

Review by Tsering Namgyal Khortsa of Thubten Samphel’s novel Falling through the Roof: This magnificent novel from India — at once elegiac and exuberant — is in itself proof of the Tibetan resilience.

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The Tibetan Resolution

Whatever we spoke for was all for the freedom of Tibet and our main concern was for our brethren inside Tibet who are living under Chinese occupation.

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Acme of Obscenity

Review of book The Making of Modern Tibet by Tom Grunfeld.

If the printed word could physically emit a stink, then this book would reek not only of dung and putrefaction but the charnel house as well. All the usual words of condemnation: scurrilous, disgusting, abominable, are inadequate to censure the man and his work.

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Discussing Tibet, Without BS

Review of book China’s Tibet? Autonomy or Assimilation by Warren W. Smith Jr.

Smith is clearly aware of the numerous mistakes and even cupidity of the Tibetans in their dealings with China, but correctly sees these as secondary, sometimes even irrelevant to the overpowering reality of China’s brutal occupation and relentless assimilation of Tibet.

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Barefoot Experts

Even in the 90s rural Chinese had been so turned off by such official health-care that they were reverting to treatment by traditional “witch doctors”.

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The Jewel in the Ballot Box: Electing a New Dalai Lama

It is vital that we have a strong and unquestionably genuine democratic government that can unite all Tibetans to face and overcome such attacks on their religion and sacred institutions and ensure that the 15th Dalai Lama returns safely to his own people.

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Your Birthday

Each man was wearing a tall hat made from paper, and a square plank hung on his chest from the neck. On the plank were each man’s crime and a red cross. One of the men was your father.

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Tibetan Poetry Down the Ages

The increasingly stringent control imposed since 1994 by China on the works of Tibetan writers in Tibet has effectively muzzled the creative energy that has been oozing from the early eighties.

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Imagining Tibet

couldn’t help but to think about the paradox that become obvious as the conversation progressed. Here was this man, recounting his experiences about his pilgrimage to India, for him the land where Tibetan Buddhism came from, and a life-changing experience in many ways.

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The Prisoner

Review of book A Tibetan Revolutionary by Melvyn Goldstein

What is clear is that Phunwang was the victim of a revolution betrayed. This excellent, detailed account of his life will help future generations to decide for themselves whether he was indeed a good guy or not.

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