The Rebirth

Oblivious to my mother’s pain, / I leave her warm womb unwillingly / Fragile and unattended.

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Sands of time slipping from my grasp, / Pages of my life, melodies of my unsung past.

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Tibet Speaks

The dawn is here now / I foresee, a happy free Tibet / And our day will soon be here.

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I am Pregnant

An image of my children finishing school and reading colourful books, just like the young man, with such glasses on, while they come home waiting for jobs.

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Richard Gere is My Hero

Review of film Richard Gere is my Hero by Tashi Wangchuk

Review by Tashi Tenzin of the film Richard Gere is my Hero: The film’s richness in characterisation — some of the funniest characters like Love Guru, Acha BBC, Phuntsok Drunkard, and Cho Dargay can be compared to those of the best novels.

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Green is In… Red is Out

Review of book Tibetan Medical Dietary Book (Vol. 1) by Dr. Yangbum Gyal

The essence of this book lies in its relevance in everyday life — making the ancient wisdom available to the modern world. Every housewife and househusband should have this book on their kitchen shelf so that they know exactly what balanced vegetable dishes to prepare for their loved ones.

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Freedom Shower

Review of book Tomorrow & Other Poems by Lhasang Tsering

The issue of Tibet is a remnant of the Great Game. Only now the playing fields are a tiny town in northern India and the Great Hall of the People via Hong Kong.

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Winds of Change

Review of book Winds of Change - An Autobiography of a Tibetan by Tsoltim N Shakabpa

Review by Jeffrey Bowe of Winds of Change – An Autobiography of a Tibetan, by Tsoltim Ngima Shakabpa. Provides a close and revealing insight into those forces which have crafted this biographical voyage from a carefree and privileged childhood in independent Tibet.

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