The Incredible Weariness of Hope

Review of book Tibet, Tibet: A Personal History of a Lost Land. by Patrick French

Tibet, Tibet. The title of Patrick French’s latest book intrigued me. Vaguely suggestive of a biblical lament, it also hinted at a kind of patient reproach, of the sort that Sir Isaac Newton is said to have dished out to his pet dog after it knocked over a candle and set fire to his research papers.

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Richard Gere is My Hero

Review of film Richard Gere is my Hero by Tashi Wangchuk

Review by Tashi Tenzin of the film Richard Gere is my Hero: The film’s richness in characterisation — some of the funniest characters like Love Guru, Acha BBC, Phuntsok Drunkard, and Cho Dargay can be compared to those of the best novels.

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