A Path Home

What the Tibetans have presented to the world is the extraordinary idea of a whole nation, not just individuals, resisting violence and terror through love and compassion. It is not a new concept in itself, but it is the one that has faced the toughest test of all.

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Mountain Patrol: Kekexili

Review of film Kekexili by Chuan Lu

While Kekexli: Mountain Patrol focuses on the attempts of a group of Tibetans to save the chiru — a quintessentially Tibetan animal — from being wiped out by indiscriminate hunting, the creature itself has been adopted by China as one of its mascots for the Beijing Olympics.

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Made in China

Review of book Buying the Dragon’s Teeth by Jamyang Norbu

Review of Jamyang Norbu’s ‘Buying the Dragon’s Teeth’ by Dr. Warren Smith: It is characterized by his usual superb writing style and should be read for its analysis of China’s human rights abuse alone.

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