Time’s Treachery

O Tibet, for millennia you stood alone and aloof
Locked yourself in the embrace
of cold mountain corners,
Hidden yourself in the shadow of Himalayas

refusing to let alien breeze
toss your soft snow-flakes,
But when the time violently turned her key,
amidst a tangled web of unavoidable circumstances,
Alas, my Tibet, it wrenched you forward
into another time you never knew…
And from the east they came like
ants in march – harbinger of sorrow,
And in the years that followed

they painted you white hair red,
Trembled your land in agony of drum beats,
that replaced the silence of your mountains,
Tears of your heroes never found their course
dried in the cracked chins of pain,
Innocence of your children never found its footing
Disappeared into litany of jingoistic jargons
forever thrust into their fragile minds,
Tibet! What sins have you committed?

To face such wrath of times treachery,
But despair not, my beloved Tibet,
for your children never bowed their heads
toil tireless into each sleepless night,
Cling and kindle that glimmer of hope,
from which rise a clicker of candle,
And when the time’s wind blows strong
It will light the bonfire of freedom.


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