The Beijing Olympics II

With the dawning of August 8, 2008
The vicious lies and hidden traps nest at Beijing’s gate
Awaiting the innocent international athletes and visitors
Ready to pounce on them like mephistophelean inquisitors
The viscid web has been cast
And the spider is set to prey
But the world says, “Not so fast!”
“We’ll burn your web and have our say”

When in the Beijing Olympics
Throw a javelin to kill hatred
Fence to decapitate tyranny
Jump to overcome ignorance
Wrestle to trounce despotism
Box to knock out communism
Pole vault to reach for freedom
Bicycle to treadle over autocracy
Stand up to defend free speech
Stand tall to fight for human rights
Lift to raise the Tibetan national flag
Shoot to obliterate political pollutants
Run to lead the charge for democracy
Bow to pray for the Dalai Lama’s long life
Partake to sing the Tibetan national anthem
Hop, skip and jump to avoid Chinese propaganda
Swim to drown out illegal imprisonment and torture

Win gold medals for a golden life for the oppressed
Silver medals for a silver lining for the transgressed
And bronze medals to put Chinese tyrants in metallic chains


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