Season of Love

Some feel it in the morning dew,
Some feel it with the drizzling rain.
It is god’s message to the chosen few,
After love, U will never be the same.

How do I explain? from where do I start?
This season of love, going on in my heart.
Do I tell about the day when I met you?
Or do I speak about the dream where I felt you?

Should I hold on to it or should I leave it behind?
The love I found in the journey of my illusioned mind.
Should I find an answer or be captive in wonder?
Why is love so complicated? Do I sit and ponder?

Or should I leave alone these butterflies to play their part,
In this season of love, going on in my heart.

As I searched for answers to this changing season,
After cupid’s arrow hit me like a dart.
It only gave me one more reason,
To celebrate the seaon of love in my heart.


I had a dream of a world so free,
Where all strive for happiness and glee.

I had a dream of people so pleasant,
Their kindness does heaven embarass.

I had a dream of water so pure,
The taste of which does many a cure

I had a dream of mountains so high
Standing tall and white, kissing the sky.

I had a dream of my country, deserted and bemused,
And tears flowed from my heart, shaken and bruised.

To the people of the world I ask
What is it that they desire the most?

Is it the ’treasures of the world?’
For me freedom cannot be measured in gold

In this journey to search for ’my peace of mind’
as I rummage my soul, ’Free Tibet’ is all I find.


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