No worries Acha

Fitful dream of last night,
Tearful eyes in the morning.
I began rewriting my incomplete poem for you
I will be back soon, Acha.
It might take a year or even two,
Five years at the most,
I will be back.
I don’t belong here,
I just don’t belong here.
I am only a wanderer,
I am a lost soul.
At times I really miss you.
I missed you when
I thought life wasn’t acting so generously with me.
I missed you when I knew that
I was an indifferent boy, who
Fought with the neighbour’s sons.
I missed you when I knew that
I was not reaching my promised land.
I remember sleeping with those letters you sent me from home,
You said you would come to meet me after several years.
It’s been fifteen now,
Fifteen years of my life without seeing you even once.
Do I have to say “No worries”?
I have a heart like an ocean, though,
My soul can easily swim in there.
This ocean is where my feelings linger,
This ocean is where we once swam together.
But the fate of the tide is how my life is,
Sometimes rising, sometimes falling,
And that is my definition of happiness.
Sometimes I feel low, sometimes uplifted.
This is the passage of life for me.
But I miss you, Acha,
I miss our days at Norbulingka, where you taught me how to glide with eagles.
I miss our days near the Kyichu river, where you taught me how to oat.

I miss our days of going to school together and when the bell rang,
You were there, waiting outside my class,
I remember you skipping with the neighbour’s kids in the courtyard.
I miss those cartoon books you gifted me on my tenth birthday.
I miss that moment when you spoon-fed me crunchy noodles.
But I can’t cry anymore now,
I feel a little cold deep within,
Men suffer through warmth and rejoice through cold.
Isn’t it so contrary?
But all I could do was pore over those old pictures taken ages ago.
Give my imagination a push and write something, desperately hoping for our reunion soon.
You must be wondering what I do in this faraway place.
Acha, in a faraway place
I go shoulder-to-shoulder with other men.
I am a product of this showbiz world.
I am a hipster of this little town.
Maybe I am a frog in a well.
But I am not that clean boy with the necktie as I used to be.
I have had my share of life with assholes, broken teeth and scarred faces.
But don’t worry,
My friends and I will not end up crippled.
Wild and lost hearts can also rise up and contribute.
Don’t be upset with me.
I promise you,
I am going to spur myself with a kick.
And when we meet
I will entertain you till you cry.
I miss you, Acha.

Acha: Tibetan for Sister


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  1. Congratulations – you tore my heart into pieces – my emotional response! This is a very high level poetic skill – you touched my heart means you are a poet of extremely high caliber. I saw you grow into a young boy & met off & on but never really got to play that role of a missing parent or sister yet always you were there in my mind since you last visited me or met me on the way or in conversation with your great support friend Kerry la. You made me & others in Exile feel guilty- please feel free to drop in & let me know how I can be of help. Kerry & we are concerned. We are proud despite of almost being homeless – you have etched a mark for yourself. You will go very far & able to make up all that you missed in the process. I sincerely pray that you & your sister get united in near future! Your poem dedicated to your sister is so soul touching as well as example of a very high literary standard. It deserves an award of recognition. Keep writing & I want my daughter’s age to study this poem in their literature or poetry class- thanks for the contribution! Good luck!

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