I’m Tired

I am tired,
I am tired doing that 10th March ritual,
screaming from the hills of Dharamsala.

I am tired,
I am tired selling sweaters on the roadside,
40 years of sitting, waiting in dust and spit.

I am tired,
eating rice ’n’ dal
and grazing cows in the jungles of Karnataka.

I am tired,
I am tired dragging my dhoti
in the dirt of Manju Tila.

I am tired,
I am tired fighting for the country
I have never seen.


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There are 2 comments for “I’m Tired”

  1. Dear Tsundue,

    Tired you must be
    but retired you should not be
    for millions of Tibetans
    around the globe
    trust future of our motherland
    in youth of Tibet
    inside and out!


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