Dandelions in Debris

I am just a tiny one
All I wanted was to play
Hide-and-seek and
Go back home to mother
I have new pair of shoes
Waiting for me
Why was the earth so angry?
Why is it so cold now?

We were going to the morning class
When the shuddering sounded
The earth shook from beneath
Four of us ran fast
Sonam, Yeshi, Yonten and I
And the walls came down
Our hands could not hold
Bricks raining down
debris, dust, darkness, demon
Ama! Ama! Ama! Ama!
I just wanted to hold her hands …

Why was the earth so angry?
Why is it so cold now?

Tibetan children's bodies in earthquake rubble


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  1. Iā€™m so sorry for all of the Tibetan people having to endure this pain ā€¦ may God bless and keep every one of you!

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