Coloured threads, thin plastics
Strips of paper with myriad quotes,
Diamond crusted silver butterfly
customized for the millionaire freak,

Broken shoelace of a school boy
marking a chapter of a stereotype textbook,
Decorated mark crafted by a love-struck girl
with a tear drowned arrow piercing a heart,
Bookmarks, you are as varied as the books you go through.

Bloody battles of historic scale,
Ancient philosophy to modern science,
Romantic poems of the bygone giants …

Which books haven’t you been through?
Bookmarks: silent witness to all the events
Lies of lovers, treachery of friends, purity of the poets,
Danger of war, scars of the victims,
Change of times, death of civilizations,
O scrupulously reticent
Silently you watch the emotional faces of the readers,
Bookmarks — if you choose to speak
Knowledge will flow like a swollen river

And the world will have no secrets.


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