Ama Jetsun Pema

Ama Jetsun Pema-la
You are the ever bright sun
That shines through the stormy weather
Plaguing the desolate children of Tibet
You are the trustworthy glowing moon
That sheds light in the darkness
Surrounding the forgotten children of Tibet
You are the eternal shining light
That creates rising stars
Of the hopeless children of Tibet
You are the reliable silver lining
Behind the dark clouds
Hovering over the down-trodden children of Tibet
You are the sacrificial lamb
That gives her life
For the forsaken children of Tibet

Ama Jetsun Pema-la
You embrace our children
You love our children
You care for our children
You honor our children

Ama Jetsun Pema-la
We thank you
We honor you
We love you
God bless you


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