Yes, Alaskans, we’ve driven enough plastic vehicles,
Yet they failed to take us to the Virgin Mother Land.
Now, let us Alaskans, drive our original vehicles,
A team of four leggeds.

Yes, Alaskans, we’ve eaten enough junks;
Yet it failed to satisfy our hunger,
Now, let us Alaskans, eat early sour-dough Bread.

Yes, Alaskans, we’ve drunk enough toxic water
Yet, they failed to quench our thirst,
Now, let us Alaskans drink the nectar of
The mountain stream.

Yes, Alaskans, we’ve danced enough topless
And bottomless
Yet, they failed to shape our bodies.
Now, let us Alaskans perform the dances of
Shamans and Northern Lights.

Yes, Alaskans, we’ve dug enough wells
That turned into Green Papers
Yet, they failed to fulfil our desires
And dreams;
Now, let us Alaskans, dig the deep
Wells of our minds and discover
Our own true nature.

Yes, Alaskans, if you are still confused
And lost in the stream of transformation,
Then, just be attentive audiences
And watch the show of the Cosmos.
Everything is clear, naked and quiescent.
There is beauty in the beginning,
There is beauty in the middle,
And there is beauty in the end,
This is the land where we live.


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