A New Year Invocation to Young Tibet in Exile

Your wine glasses
To usher in the New Year!

With each passing year,
Your thoughts turn on the events of the past.
But do you know this momentous event in our history?

More than forty years ago,
Your grandpas and your grandmas
Were forced into exile.
With your Dads and Mums
Hidden in the folds of their ’Chupa
Tears of blood marking their escape route.

Perhaps you were witness to this tragedy,
Because, you were then, just a blithe ’Spirit’
Hovering over the vastness of the Land of Snow.

Is the mere fact of our survival in exile
A matter of rejoicing and celebration?
Impossible though it seems;
Let’s take heart and not despair.

Learning the lessons of the year just passed,
Embrace the challenges of the New Year with courage;
And if, you achieve success in any worthy field of endeavour,
You would have made the best of the new year,
And comforted the anxious spirits of our Ancestors.

O my Brethren!
Tonight, with wine and beer, here in London,
Let’s raise toast to the New Year,
And pray that by this time next year;
With sweet ’chang’ in silver ’phorpa
We’ll all be gathered in Lhasa,
To usher in the New year.
Once Again,
In celebration
And joy!

Tashi Deleg!
Tashi Deleg! Tashi Deleg!


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